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Unlike your typical design agency, ge-o-de Studio follows a different model. We work closely with dozens of brilliant professionals, but none of them are employees. Instead, when a project requires certain skills and expertise, we mandate the relevant collaborator(s) and build a custom dream team.

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Our geodes
(or The Magic Mix)


Laura Lee Moreau is the founder of ge-o-de Studio, the Creative lead and a UX UI specialist

Laura Lee Moreau

Creative Lead + UX/UI specialist + Founder
Fb.  —  Ig.  —  Lnkd.

Martin Amiot, Videographer at ge-o-de Studio

Martin Amiot

Video Director
Vm.  —  Ig.  —  Lnkd.

Jean-Philippe Brousseau, front-end developer at ge-o-de Studio

Jean-Philippe Brousseau

Front-end Developer

Eliane Bourque, Community manager and Content creator at ge-o-de Studio

Eliane Bourque

Community manager + Content creator/Photographer
Ig.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Tommy Ikare Desrosiers, Graphic designer at ge-o-de Studio

Tommy Ikare Desrosiers

Graphic designer
Ig.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Myriam Jessier, SEO and Analytics specialist at ge-o-de Studio

Myriam Jessier

SEO & Analytics Specialist
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Anne-Marie Desbiens, Senior Copywriter and Creative writer at ge-o-de Studio

Anne-Marie Desbiens

Senior Copywriter + Creative writer
Fb.  —  Lnkd.

We can definitely
help you with:

  • User Experience research (UX)
  • User Interface design (UI)
  • Responsive web design
  • Art Direction
  • Branding & Identity
  • Video Conception and Direction
  • Documentary, webserie, TV show, branded content
  • Creative writing & Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Project Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Marketing

More of our precious

  • Alice Hosdain
  • Anne-Marie Lapalme
    Senior Project manager
  • Amandine Dauvergne
    Presentation designer
  • Audrey Gilbert
    Senior Project manager
  • Catherine Cormier
    Web copywriter & Community manager
  • Cynthia Darras
    Web designer
  • Etienne Rochon
    Branding specialist
  • Isabelle Ouellet
    Graphic designer
  • Jasson Poitras
    Full-Stack developer
  • Jessica Flynn
    Graphic designer
  • Kaylynne Johnson
    WordPress developer
  • Marie-Hélène Brault
    Web copywriter & Community manager
  • Pierre-Philippe Émond
    Back-end developer

We are brand and Web specialists,
and everything in between.
Our expertise resides in our individual strength.

Just like geodes, brands are multifaceted organizations that must encompass different aspects to reach their consumers. In our view, the perfect combination consists of a 360° marketing strategy and a consistent brand identity, combined with a memorable Web experience that will effectively reach its target audience.

Every project starts with a good discussion,

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